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  • TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON  per la lingua Inglese


            Trinity qualifications are assessed to the same standards across approximately 60 countries by trained panels of examiners who work internationally to ensure                  the consistent application of criteria and procedures.

           Trinity’s academic and operational staff, who are based at a head office in London, oversee the running of examination sessions and have responsibility for the                  quality assurance of assessment processes and syllabuses. This work is scrutinised, monitored and reviewed by a number of regulatory authorities worldwide                    which aim to ensure the quality of education and examinations within their respective countries.

           In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Trinity is recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and the Welsh Assembly                  Government.


  • Corso di Inglese certificato con l'Ente certificatore Inglese TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON
  • I corsi sono aperti a tutti, ai nostri allievi di musica e a tutti gli esterni.
  • Il corso è rivolto ai bambini, ai ragazzi e agli adulti.
  • I corsi sono di gruppo, in due ed individuali.
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